While many of our clients require us to take them through all of the five steps, we have made sure that each stage can be conducted separately to suit the particular needs of each brief.

This modular approach, means you aren’t paying for steps you feel your company does not need, plus we’ve made sure each ‘pillar’ has its own outcomes, which are yours to use and keep, whether it is with us or internal/external resources

1. SCOPING – this phase is FREE!
We will conduct meetings or interviews with relevant stakeholders to make sure we get a 360-degree overview of your content problems, challenges and objectives. We will then produce a scoping report on current and desired states, plus what actions need to be undertaken to get there.This gives you a basic roadmap.

We’ll look at your content assets, catalogue where they are, analyse competitors and identify your content gaps.¬†This will leave you a clear report on what content you have, where it is and what you need to create. To find out more take a look at Mind the Content Gap.

You know who your customers are, but did you know that you can match their personas to pain points around your products, and then match that information to content that can take them along the buying cycle? We will either help you build the marketing personas of your clients, or match those you already have to content that helps remove the barriers to buying. You will be left with detailed profiles and direction on content they need.

We will look at how your key marketing objectives can be achieved using content by devising a strategy for you complete with a content calendar, content plans, key dates, benchmarks and actions. See here for more information.

Either one of our expert writers can create the content you need, or we can give your team some of the tools, guidelines and tips they need to produce the content based on the content strategy and plans. We can play a consulting role if necessary to make sure you stay on track.


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