At The Word Council, we know that balancing budgets is tough in any business, so we’ve taken a modular approach to how we offer our services.

It means you can pick and choose, mix and match, according to your own set of unique challenges. You may only need our help to identify problem areas, or to write you a speedy press release, or you may be looking for a full content marketing strategy.

Whichever it is, we are happy to accommodate with a fixed price quote

Full audit of content assets, website/e-newsletter effectiveness, content gaps, social media activities, use of resources and competitors.

Development of a six-month content marketing strategy, including marketing personas, messaging and an implementation plan. Click here to understand how we approach strategy at The Word Council.

We provide all content creation services from writing one-off pieces to providing ongoing content creation support.

A one-day workshop that offers ‘tricks of the publishing trade’ advice, so your people have some of the tools needed to continue creating content effectively.

If your problem isn’t answered here, let us know what you need. We can also assist you with:

Is your website working hard enough for you? Are you not getting the results and traffic you need? Are your e-newsletter click through rates too low? We can analyse your current web offerings, suggest improvements and help you get the responses your business needs.

From researching what content your customers want, to site mapping and design we can take the pain out of building or relaunching a website. We will even liaise with developers and designers for you!


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