One of the first activities we undertake with any client is to audit what content they already have – even if it is hidden in in-boxes and computer folders all around their business.

The reason is simple – we don’t want to waste your money by creating everything from scratch if we can save time and budget by repurposing and rewriting existing information.

Plus, we need to understand what you don’t have – so we can fill the gaps.

So we will audit what you have on your website, in your brochures, product information, on social media channels and in internal documents, such as customer feedback.

By the end of the content audit you will know…

  • Information that is no longer useful or relevant to your customers
  • Content we can rewrite, re-package and re-use
  • What  existing information can provide ideas for new content

And, most importantly…

  • Where your content gaps are

Once we’ve conducted this audit, we can devise a content strategy to fill those gaps with stories and information to support your content marketing campaigns.


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