Long form, quality content built around reader need is the missing link between many advertising and digital agencies and their clients.

Understandably, creating this kind of content is not something agencies have needed to produce in the ‘push’-model world of the past.

But now brands increasingly need to ‘pull’ customers to their websites and products via deeper relationships built around content, and search engines such as Google have updated to reward quality and penalise poor content.

The Word Council provides that missing link by partnering with digital and ad agencies to:

  • Be more than just a copywriter – our backgrounds in publishing mean we create engaging and relevant content that puts the customer first, and our knowledge of marketing means we understand content must deliver measurable outcomes
  • Get involved with the pitch – if you win, then we will win, so we are happy to attend pitch meetings and help devise a strategy around the content that customers want
  • Remove the barrier to projects taking off at all – i.e. the need to create content, by providing that service to your clients
  • Help you stand out from other agencies – partnering with The Word Council means you can offer a full solution to clients and become a one-stop shop for their content, digital and marketing needs

Try us! Give us a client problem and we will create a content solution – call 0413601585 to find out more


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