The Word Council…

  • Is a network of creative types, all brought together by Debra Taylor, a journalist, editor, editorial director, publisher and content marketer with 22 years’ experience across print and online media
  • Means we can connect you with a content specialist who is ‘right’ for your brand
  • Knows content can solve commercial objectives, because that’s what its members have been doing in media, publishing, custom publishing and marketing for years
  • Understands businesses don’t want content for content’s sake, there needs to be an ROI
  • Produces engaging, unique, relevant and effective content that doesn’t bust budgets
  • Passionately believes in the link between content, marketing and customers
  • Keeps it simple and honest; we won’t blind you with science, oversell, overprice or over-promise and under-deliver
  • Works with agencies and B2B businesses including Tonic: The Agency, Blaze Advertising, Pod Legal, TOM Organic and more
  • Has a history of devising content strategies for brands including Colonial First State, AMP, VW, LexisNexis and Haymarket Media to name just a few

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