Creating discreet pieces of great content every now and then might get you attention…every now and then…

But unless you have an ongoing strategy to produce quality content that consistently engages customers, you’re losing opportunities.

Like any initiative in your business, content needs a clear strategy supporting it, because when you don’t have one, creating content becomes an ad hoc, haphazard drain on resources – and it just plain won’t work.

Putting a content strategy in place means you have a solid foundation for your content marketing, clear objectives and measurable outcomes.

At The Word Council, we guide you through this process by:

  1. ASKING WHO AND WHAT – that means defining your audience and what content can solve the pain points around your products or services
  2. ANSWERING HOW – 49% of marketers feel they aren’t producing either engaging content or enough content. A content strategy will give you a roadmap to consistently find the stories in your business and tell them well
  3. IDENTIFYING WHERE – if content doesn’t reach its audience, it can’t work for you. Once we know who your audience really is, we can identify how to effectively reach them through the channels they actually use
  4. KEEPING THE FOCUS – no-one can afford content for content’s sake. All content efforts need to lead back to more information about what you have to offer – more content connections made in the right channels in the right way = more traffic coming to your website that sees and engages with your products
  5. ESTABLISHING WHY – a content strategy that doesn’t know the end game, can’t get there. By establishing why you are creating content from the off, you can decide how it will be measured and when benchmarks are hit

Whether we are creating the content for you or not, a professional content strategy will alleviate the pressure points around content and give you the tools to implement content marketing smoothly and effectively.


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