It’s easy to get confused about how content marketing and social media marketing differ, and where they meet.

Put simply, content marketing leads your customers back to a main repository of your content and what you have to offer your customers. In social media, content is housed by the various networks it appears on.

In content marketing, campaigns are built around the content needs of customer segments and cycles to provide useful information.

In social media, campaigns are built around the differing channels themselves where brands mimic the users on those networks to connect with them. For example, creating a Tweet or responding to a Facebook post.

The two need to work together – social media thrives on content, which content marketing provides.

And,  for content marketing, social media can be used both before a campaign to analyse, engage and listen to your potential audience – consequently helping to shape your content offering – and it can be used as a channel of distribution for the campaign itself.

In both instances, engaging with social media channels – initially for research and thereafter to distribute content – is a must. But if you don’t have the compelling content that content marketing strives to create, you aren’t leading customers to interact directly with the content in your main repository (i.e. your website).


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